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I am a doctoral candidate in the  Department of Linguistics at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada working with Dr. Sally Rice. My work centers around communication in interaction. How do people use their bodies, in addition to word choices and grammatical structures, to convey what they are talking about? I look at how cognitive and grammatical notions are expressed in gestures and the rest of the body.

I work in a cognitive linguistics framework and in the tradition of embodied cognition and look at how abstract concepts (specifically higher-order grammatical notions such as aspect, stance, and negation) are expressed in the hands, head and other postural movement. I work with multimodal corpus data, text corpora, 3D motion capture data, and experimental methods.

Research Partnerships


Current: PhD Candidate, Department of Linguistics, University of Alberta

2012: Master of Arts, Department of Linguistics, Simon Fraser University.
MA Thesis: A constructional analysis of [be done X] in Canadian English

1999: BA Hon. with distinction, Germanic Studies & Linguistics, University of Victoria.
Honours Thesis (written in German): Postmoderne Intertextualität in Patrick Süskinds Das Parfum